Turkey Clinical Quality Program
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General Directorate of Health Services
Turkey Clinical Quality Program
Clinical Quality Department

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Güncelleme Tarihi: 23/11/2016

Turkish healthcare system has made a lot of progress during the last 10 years, which led to good equitable access of hospital and family medicine services to the whole population. 

Now the Ministry of Health has initiated the development of a comprehensive national “Clinical Quality Program for Turkey" in order to improve the clinical quality of those services from good to great. The key objectives of this program are;

  • To create a common definition and standards of clinical quality of healthcare service
  • To develop a robust clinical quality measurement and evaluation system
  • To identify and implement best ways to improve clinical quality in all hospitals and family health centers in the country

The program has started on the 13th February 2012 and is consist of two stages. During the first stage of 18-months period the following key steps has been taken;

  • Clinical Quality Department has been established within the General Directorate of Health Services to coordinate the program and explore the following questions in depth.
    • What is the common understanding of clinical quality among patients and professionals in Turkey?
    • How much of clinical quality is being measured currently?
    • How should it be measured comprehensively?
    • What steps should be taken at provincial, regional and national levels to improve the clinical quality in all hospitals and family health centres in the whole country?

 Duties of the Departmentclick here!

  • General Directorate of Health Services, General Directorate of Health Information Systems, General Directorate of Health Research, Public Health Agency of Turkey and Turkey Public Hospitals Authority are jointly responsible for developing the program. If necessary, the other units and external organizations will be involved in the process as well.

Click for ClinicalQualityWorking Groupwas createdin this context!

  • Prof. Dr. Mahmood Adil (United Kingdom), with lot of international experience in this field, has been advising the Ministry to develop this national program in the most comprehensive manner and to set it as an example of best practice for other countries globally.
  • Six conditions (diabetes, maternity, hip, knee replacement, coronary heart disease and stroke) have been selected initially to develop standards, indicators and clinical quality measurement system with help of senior experts from Universities and the Ministry.
  • The relevant clinical quality indicators are being integrated into Sağlık.NET2 system and tested through pilot hospitals and family health centers in a number of provinces. We are keen to learn from these pilots and deal with any deficiencies before spreading the ‘clinical quality measurement system’ in the whole country and also to add more diseases in the near future. We are also encouraging active participation of other stakeholders in the program as well.

This is the first time in our country that clinicians, patients, their relatives will become acquainted with clinical quality, which is well known in modern healthcare systems in Europe and USA. .  Not only that, it will also help to increase patient and employee satisfaction through this program.


We are confident that our collective efforts to develop this important program will make an enormous difference in patients’ lives by assessing and providing high quality services in all our healthcare facilities in the country.