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Güncelleme Tarihi: 23/11/2016


Quality, is defined as “providing equal services to all those who need it by doing the right things, at the right time, in the right adequately resourced facility by  well-trained professionals, in order to achieve the best health outcomes without compromising staff safety and satisfaction.

There are two main aspects of quality:

  • Clinical Quality
  • Service Quality

Clinical Quality:

Clinical Quality is mainly about achieving best health outcomes for patients by applying evidence-based interventions for accurate diagnosis and treatment, preventing harms and improving care pathways as well as patients and staff satisfaction. Clinical quality is often measured in terms of patient outcomes. 

Service Quality:

Service Quality is mainly about organisation’s efficient performance achieved through proper operational management of service provider/institution to improve patient, carers and staff experience by:

  • Identifying those who need care through need assessment of the population
  • Providing access into the health facility including minimum waiting times 
  • Improving  speed of delivery of treatment, length of stay and inter-personal care 
  • Physical environment (rooms, food etc) and geographical location of health facility. 
  • Deploying well-trained staff with sufficient resources and equipment
  • Protecting health staff against violence

Service quality is often measured in terms of patient and staff experiences.