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Turkey Clinical Quality Program
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Turkey 7. Clinical Quality Program Workshop was carried out between 24-26 June 2013

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28/04/2014

Under the program, the first day of the following topics were discussed during the meeting:

  • The new group membersintroduced themselves,
  • How the program was startedand by part of the processof validationby Head of Departmentof ClinicalQuality Dr. Huseyin Ozbay andProf. Dr. Mahmood Adil.
  • Validation was mentioned in two parts; the first data collection, second validation of the data.
  • Reporting clinical quality criteria in that were mentioned and from Institution ofPublic Hospitals inTurkey implementing the productivity report card.
  • To have a better quality of data feedback by physicians and the periodic connect a positive impact on the transition process stated with hospital administrators.
  • Dashboardso itcan be donewiththe feedbackmentionedthe needtodesigna newDashboard.
  • It was mentioned that how can to dovalidationeducation. It was recommendation the content of education and on how can make it.
  • Training plan was considered with Directorate General of Health Information Systems preparation together.
  • "Data Transmission Policy" wasproposedto determine submission of data to increase by the Ministry.
  • Discussions were heldon with General Directorof HealthInformation Systems Dr. Hakki Ozturk and Turkey andClinicalQuality Program ofthe right toinformation systemsinfrastructure,reviewand discussion ofnext steps, “Turkey ClinicalQuality DataVerification System"is the most important jobthe nextestablishment, eventhat"Turkey Clinical QualityProgram"is one ofthe two majortitlepersistentlyemphasized by Dr. Mahmood Adil.


The second day,the workcarried outthe following activitiesunder the program:

  • Working visited to Ankara Numune Hospital. Saglik.Net applicationwiththe patient'shospitalrecords,patienthealthrecordsweresendingupthe steps. Orthopedicsand endocrineclinicvisitswere performed. Boththephysiciansand thehospitalmanagersinput datareceivedinformation and advice.

hospital review

The third day,
the workcarried outthe following activitiesunder the program:

  • Gaveinformation aboutthe progress ofthe program to AdvisorProf. Dr. Mahmood Adil. Head of Departmentand ClinicalQuality. Dr. HuseyinOzbay, Mr. Minister, and our undersecretary.
  • A meeting was held on the implementation of clinical quality with Chairman ofthe Turkey PublicHospitalsAgencyHasan CAGILand Merve AKINCI.
  •  A meeting was held, and what needs to beto, Head of Departmentof HealthInformation Systemse-Health. Dr. UnalHulurand his teamaboutthe program isdonewith health. Net’s foot.


 for pictures ofthe workshop!