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Turkey Clinical Quality Program 6th Workshop carried out on 29 April 03 May 2013

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28/04/2014

Following issues are discussed in the first day meeting within the scope of program:

  • How the program was commenced and the process was explained by Head of Clinical Quality Department Dr. Hüseyin Özbay and Prof. Dr. Mahmood Adil.
  • It was determined that different departments working on clinical quality within Ministry of Health shall be specified and those different departments shall work together to represent the importance of studies on clinical quality to high levels of Ministry.
  • It was also stated that the study on disease burden in relation with determination of new indicators and diseases shall be completed.
  • It was also agreed that reduction in number of indicators shall provide timely performance of targets without increase in work load.
    • The most important issue is that the collection of data precisely and evaluation;
    • Correct indicators shall be determined
    • Shall be added to USVS
    • Feasibility studies shall be carried out in pilot institution
    • The importance of clinical quality shall be pointed out to clinicians and the term and description of clinical quality shall be spread in country wide.
    • Entrance of data shall be made easier and data fields shall become mandatory. Data shall be entered by medical secretaries as much as possible.
    • Performance and award system shall be used (there will not be penalty system) and thus motivation shall be enabled.
  • Feedbacks shall be given to physicians who enter the data after evaluation and how they benefit to clinical quality shall be explained.
  • Recruitment studies shall be launched rather than penalties for missing data.
  • It is necessary that the education on clinical quality shall be included in formal training and in-service training.
  • The place and importance of Clinical Quality in efficiency card to be applied to general secretaries in Public Hospitals was emphasized by TKHK Head of Department of Efficiency.

In the further part of workshop:

Several meetings were carried out with Coroner Hearth Disease, Stroke and Hip Prothesis Replacement Working teams that are established before. A communion with committee specialized in determination of indicators and standards, was carried out.

Attendance to IV. International Performance and Quality in Health Congress carried out by Head of Department of Quality and Accreditation in Health was carried out.

A consensus on the point that is achieved in Clinical Quality Program in Turkey and planned activities was reached.


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