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Clinical Quality in Ministry of Health Strategic Plan and 2013 Program

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28/04/2014

Clinical Quality in 2013 Program:

Decision of the Council of Ministers, Activation of Health System, Policy Priorities and Precautions related to the Implementation, Coordination and Monitoring of 2013 Program dated 4 October 2012 and numbered 2012/3839 that is published in the Official Gazette dated 18 October 2012 and numbered 28445:

Priority 92: Accessibility, quality and efficiency of healthcare services will continue to increase.

Precaution 224: Clinical Quality Program will be improved.

Action to be taken and statement: Clinical quality indicators will be improved and will be in action as a pilot application. And necessary studies regarding the indicators in the information management system.

 Clinical Quality Goals in the Ministry of Health Strategic Plan:


- To improve the quality and safety of primary healthcare services

- To improve, monitor and inspect the clinical quality standarts in primary healthcare services



- To improve the quality and safety of diagnosis and healthcare services.

- To improve the clinical quality dialysis services.



- To improve the quality of healthcare services provided for chronic diseases.

- To define, monitor and evaluate clinical quality standards for the complications of chronic diseases