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Turkey Clinical Quality Program 5th Workshop is performed on 28th January-01st February 2013.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28/04/2014

“Turkey Clinical Quality Program 5th Workshop” is performed on 28th January-01st February 2013 with the participation of Program Consultant Prof.Dr. Mahmood Adil and workshop group.

Within the scope of program, with the workshop; the point arrived at and the things to be carried out is discussed. Also the issues that have carried out and to be corrected on Diabetics, pregnancy and birth and knee prosthesis transferred to Sağlık-NET2 platform by determining in advance.  Different meetings are arranged between workshop groups comprising of the experts and academicians as well on the issues of stroke, coronary health disease and hip prosthesis determined in the previous workshop. Furthermore, a visit is paid to General Directorate of Health Information Systems to investigate incoming data related to indicators and review the studies on site within the scope of the Workshop. An acquaintance meeting is conducted with Minister of Health, Specialist Mehmet Müezzinoğlu and brief information on the program released. Also Esteemed Undersecretary Prof.Dr. Nihat Tosun and Deputy Undersecretary Specialist İsmail Demirtaş are visited to give information on the studies by Consultant Prof. Dr. Mahmood Adil and a group including the Head of Department of Clinical Quality.    

In the Resolutions and Suggestions section of the workshop, the followings are decided:

  1. Data coming from the site in association with diabetics, pregnancy and birth and knee prosthesis indicators shall be evaluated and reviewed.
  2. The studies on determining indicators for the issues newly designated shall be commenced,
  3. The arrangements to be carried on Sağlık-NET 2 shall be conducted.
  4. A dashboard shall be prepared with the aim of follow up of all data, institution and subject based, by studying together with General Directorate of Health Information Systems for the pursuit of indicators.

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