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Turkey Clinical Quality Program
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The study on the measuring the perception of quality and the definition of clinical quality has taken its final form

Güncelleme Tarihi: 28/04/2014

"Turkey Clinical Quality Program" was initiated on the purpose of identifying of the current situation for monitoring and evaluation of clinical quality in Turkey and the development of clinical quality measurement and evaluation system for the measurement of clinical quality.

This program has been carried out by Clinical Quality Department of General Directorate of Health Services under the Coordinatorship of Deputy Exp. Dr. Ismail DEMİRTAŞ. Prof. Dr. Adil Mahmood with international experience as a consultant and also as the Advisor of the United Kingdom Department of Health is working in that program.

The program started on 13th of February 2012 and working group was established as a result of initial studies. From this date, the first phase of the program is foreseen as 18 months period and within this scope, four workshops were held and many group works were carried out with the help of teleconferencing. Clinical quality was defined and planned to announce across the country. In order to demonstrate how the quality of health is perceived in Turkey by

  Ø  Patients receiving services,

Ø  Relatives

Ø  Health managers and

Ø  Health care workers

and to make the definition of a quality that would be acceptable at the national level based on patients' perceptions of service delivery; according to the provincial development index of Turkish Statistical Institute, 4943 questionnaire was conducted in identified 14 provinces .

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With the beginning of the program, three priority topics were identified in counseling of Prof. Dr. Mahmood Adil in order to measure clinical quality in Turkey.These issues are Diabetes Mellitus, Pregnancy and Birth Process and Knee Arthroplasty. Sub-working groups including experts in the field had been generated and for this purpose, studies were initiated. Clinical Quality indicators were identified and integration to Sağlık.NET2 system has been provided. Totally 44 institutions with   6 university hospitals, 2nd Training and Research Hospital, 7 public hospitals, 8 private hospitals and 21 family health center from eight cities across the country are included in "Clinical Quality Pilot Implementation". Other disease groups will also be incrementally included in the study; clinical quality indicators will be determined with working groups with experts in the field and will be integrated to Sağlık.Net2 system.