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Duties of the “Department of Clinical Quality”

Güncelleme Tarihi: 14/06/2017


Article 28-(1) Followings are the tasks of theDepartment of Clinical Quality”:

a)  To conduct activities related to detection of clinical quality indicators at national level,

b)  To provide development and constitution of clinical quality measurement and evaluation system  cooperatively with the related units,

c)To monitor, analyze, report clinical quality data and to provide feedback to the related units,

ç) To lead for program preparation and performing of these programs in cooperation with the related units, university and nongovernmental organizations; to coordinate these programs,

d)In cooperation with the related units, to provide for researches conducted in clinical quality subject,

e)   When required,  to conduct activities comprising knowledge and experience sharing on clinical quality at national and international levels,

f)  When required, to constitute working and scientific commissions on clinical quality and to conduct secretariat procedures regarding these commissions,

g)  To fulfill other tasks assigned by the General Directorate.